• Installation

    Extract all files from the .zip file.

    What is in download files:

    Every folder with theme files is a website itself. Just copy contents of desired demo folder to local environment folder, or upload to server folder.

    Install Requirements

    Learn in detail on Kirby website — requeriments

    Web server (any of the following)

    • Apache 2
    • Nginx
    • LiteSpeed
    • Caddy

    Server Features:

    • URL rewriting


    • PHP 7.2, 7.3 or 7.4 (PHP 7.3 is recommended)
    • mbstring extension
    • curl extension
    • ctype extension
    • gd extension

    All of that is almost default setup at majority hosting providers.
    Make sure URL rewriting (mod_rewrite on Apache) is turned on.

  • Local environment

    Run demo on localhost

    1. Start a server with MAMP, XAMPP, WAMPP, or php -S localhost:8000 kirby/router.php on terminal, or something else you prefer.
    2. Copy contents from shuffle-demo folder (or other themes folder) to your web root, or subfolder
    3. Depending on your system visit localhost:8000/yourfoldername/panel or localhost/yourfoldername/panel with your browser
    4. Register — make the account (for shuffle-blank)
    5. Explore demo and settings
  • Server

    The right way of developing website is to develop, craft and design it in localhost/staging, and just when the work is done, or almost done, to upload/push website to server. Just upload it and it’s on.

    You cannot do panel istallation on public server only on local server.

    If you want to that you need to open site/config/config.php with editor and write following code inside it.

    'panel' =>[ 'install' => true ],

  • .htaccess

    This is an invisible file, so you might miss it when uploading files. Please double check it.

  • Updating

    When you have new updates please delete following folders;

    • assets
    • kirby
    • site/plugins
    • site/theme

    and copy paste following folder to your website;

    • shuffle-demo/assets
    • shuffle-demo/kirby
    • shuffle-demo/site/plugins
    • shuffle-demo/site/theme

    If you don’t do that you will not able to see new features. You won’t lose your previous changes after updates. and your content on your website. Don’t forget I update regulary and send a download link to you.

  • Theme styling

    Custom Font

    Upload the fonts you want. The fonts must be woff2 format. First of all, you need to change the font to the webfont.

    You can do it from here; webfont generator. I recommend not using more than two fonts for website speed.

    If you use same font but different weights then put same name all of them.

    General Style

    You can do some general style in here. For example when you change nav style, button shape etc.

    Less (CSS)

    When you save your style options and refresh any front-end website page in that moment styles compiling happened. And it will take up to 5-10 seconds.

    When you finish styling and styles are compiled, don’t forget to turn it off.

    You can change Colors, Background Colors, Font Sizes, Line Heights etc. of the your website.

  • Custom code

    If you need to add custom code, such as Analytics, Tag manager code, custom JS code, and even URLs, or whatever;

    go to Setting/Site and Custom Code tab on the panel.

  • SEO options

    Every page has its own set of SEO options.
    It is recommended that you fill up site SEO meta options, because they will serve as a backup for your pages.

  • Multi-language

    shuffle-demo has two languages by default.

    Other themes have only english language by default.

    shuffle-blank has no language you need to add a language. Otherwise you will get error.

    If English is your website default language

    And you want to add more languages, just go to Kirby Settings, add new language and start translating your content. Everything will work as expected.

    See also:

    If English is NOT your website default language

    Go to Kirby Settings, and delete English as default language. Add your language as default language. That’s it, you can start working.

    There is just one thing. If you want your default language to be at domain root, you will have to go to yourwebsite/site/languages/[yourlanguageextension].php, open it with text editor and

    Change this
    'url' => NULL

    Into this
    'url' => '/'

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